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If you are considering applying for British citizenship by naturalisation, a solicitor can help guide you through the process. There are many steps in the naturalisation process, and a solicitor can help ensure you know all the related requirements.

What is naturalisation

Naturalisation is a legal process the grants the non-citizens of a country to become citizens. Therefore, if you complete your British naturalisation application and you become a British citizen, then you have access to the same rights as British citizen. 

British citizenship application requirements 

To be eligible, the following requirements have to be met:

  • The applicant is at least 18 years old
  • Applicants must have lived in the United Kingdom for 5 years (of which no longer than 450 days abroad in total and 90 days in the last year)
  • If the applicant’s spouse is a British citizen, then eligibility for naturalisation is 3 years of living in the United Kingdom
  • The applicant has been granted ‘Indefinite Leave to Remain’ (or has a permanent residency for EEA nationals) for at least 12 months
  • An applicant is considered to have ‘good’ character, which pertains to the individual not having committed a felony or flouting immigration rules
  • An applicant has shown clear intent to remain in the United Kingdom or work for the British government or a British corporation after receiving citizenship
  • The applicant has passed the ‘Life in the UK’ test
  • An applicant has shown reasonable fluency in English

Our lawyers have years of experience and will be able to guide you through the application process, ensuring that you have met the application criteria to mitigate possible obstacles to your successful application. Furthermore, we are also equipped to help you prepare to pass the ‘Life in the UK’ test in your first attempt.

What’s the citizenship application process

All citizenship applications can only be made by post, accompanied by the relevant documents, which includes the completed application form by you and referees. Our solicitors will ensure that the application is complete with all the required documents, avoiding any unnecessary mishaps and delays.

The application is sent to the Home Office, who review it in meticulous detail and then confirm your visa status and ensure that there are no criminal records or civil issues that could hamper your citizenship process.

The application process also requires you to provide biometric information, such as your fingerprints and photo.

If your application is successful, you will then be invited to attend a citizenship ceremony. During this event, you will be given a Certificate of Naturalisation and become a legal British citizen. Once you have received this certificate, you can apply for a British passport.

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How long does the British citizenship process take

Since the application for British citizenship involves a great deal of documentation and vetting, it can take the Home Office around 6 months (or even longer) to make a decision regarding the application.

Applying for a British passport 

The British passport gives you the freedom to travel to 141 countries without requiring a visa, and it is the easiest way to prove citizenship status to employers, real estate agents etc. Therefore, it is advisable that you apply for a British passport as soon as viable.

This process takes around 6-10 weeks, though it can be fast-tracked, if necessary. For your first passport, you will be required to fill out an application form and provide evidence of your naturalisation and two identical photos (compliant with the regulations). Once the passport is issued, it will be valid for 10 years. 

British citizenship solicitors

If you need legal assistance with a British citizenship application, please contact our immigration lawyers today. Our highly successful team of immigration solicitors can assist you and your family members with your application to make sure you meet the requirements for British citizenship.

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