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New year, time to act ..

The new year tends to bring good intentions, new beginnings, and exciting plans for the year ahead. We have had time to reflect over the festive period and the time away from our everyday life can provide us with the opportunity to look at things differently and have more energy to tackle projects. Unfortunately, during […]

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Work related stress can be heightened at this time of year

Christmas is rated as one of the 43 life events featured on The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale which is used to monitor stress levels. The more events, the higher the score, the higher the score, the more likely the patient was to be suffering from stress which would contribute towards becoming ill. Work related […]

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Commercial litigation

Even the most successful, well run businesses face litigation and disputes from time to time. Any commercial litigation case can prove extremely costly and cause problems if not handled correctly. We know how to strike a balance between strongly advocating a client`s position whilst strategically aiming for an early settlement of a dispute, we know […]

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Are you experiencing a period of change in your business?

Are you experiencing a period of change in your business? Have you reached a point where you feel you have no option other than to make employees redundant? Do you have the knowhow and all the necessary legal documentation in place? Thankfully most employers do not find themselves in this situation very often as any […]

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Facing redundancy?

Redundancy is one of the situations employees dread. To lose your job due to your employer deciding or requiring to reduce the number of employees, can arouse a number of emotions – anger, dread, despair, sadness etc. It is important not to purely accept the decision and be swept along with the process without checking […]

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Ready for the year ahead?

At the beginning of the New Year the standard full time employee faces approximately 325 working days or 2,600 working hours over the next year!* For most of us that’s acceptable, the way we live our life, the way we pay our bills. However there are a number of people who dread going to work […]

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Have a grievance at work?

Some people may begin to wind down at work during the month of December with the onset of January and a fresh start imminent. However there are many working days left and if you are experiencing issues at work do not wait until the New Year to get in touch. As employment law specialists we […]

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There is still a significant gender pay gap

There is still a significant gender pay gap, presently it will take over 60 years to close the gap at the current rate of progress according to the Fawcett Society. This is equivalent to women working for free for the rest of the year from the beginning of November, campaigners say. The society has called […]

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Do you have a case for unfair dismissal?

Unfair dismissal is the term given to the action when your employment contract is terminated and your employer did not have fair reason to do so. We are currently advising a male employee who was threatened with dismissal unless he worked weekends. The employee was unable to work weekends as he is required to fulfil […]

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Ensuring the best outcome for each individual client

Lexadeen Solicitors is a law firm who act for each individual client. As highly experienced employment solicitors we have one goal in mind – to deliver exceptional, affordable legal services for individuals and organisations in their personal, employment and business affairs. Our reputation is built upon our commitment and ability to deliver to our client’s […]

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