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Commercial litigation

Commercial litigation, Employment solicitor, Stoke, Bolton, Manchester

Most businesses, even those successful and well run, face litigation and disputes from time to time. Any businessor commercial litigation case, whether involving  breach of contract, employment law or a host of other types, will inherently create problems for business and can prove extremely costly.

Lexadeen’s business and commercial litigation solicitors know how to strike a balance between strongly advocating a clients position whilst strategically aiming for an early settlement of a dispute, as the longer any business dispute continues, the more it costs.

The key is often devising a strategy, assessing tactics at an early stage, providing clear advice on legal and evidential issues and ongoing assessment of strengths and weaknesses. It is also important to assess at an early stage whether, if legal action is necessary, any sum in dispute and costs are likely to be recoverable from the opponent(s). It is one thing having a strong claim in legal terms, but another thing entirely enforcing any settlement or court order.

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