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Defence lawyers for doctors

Defence lawyers for doctorsDefending doctors; we know your career matters

Lexadeen Solicitors are dedicated defence lawyers for doctors and other healthcare professionals. We provide a comprehensive range of legal services and have experience in a wide range of issues which are prevalent in the healthcare sector. We have been involved in a number of high profile cases and consider ourselves to be at the forefront in challenging the establishment to ensure fairness for all.

We are committed to assisting healthcare professionals during difficult times. If you are a doctor or healthcare professional who is looking for representation in GMC proceedings look no further. As well-known defence lawyers for doctors we can assist – our team of qualified experts appreciate the severity of proceedings upon healthcare professionals. We are also aware of the considerable amount of time for organisations, such as the GMC, take to conclude investigations and the added stress this causes. We are committed to doing our best to make you feel at ease throughout the process.

Our unique team of defence lawyers for doctors consists of highly experienced Solicitors, Barristers and Medico-legal advisors who share a common vision in assisting healthcare professionals and providing an amalgamated effort in delivering the best possible outcomes.

Unfair dismissal, bullying and harassment in the workplace, discrimination, whistleblowing, GP and NHS contractual issues, unlawful deduction from wages, specialist GMC work relating to hearings and applications, interim orders panel and fitness to practise hearings. (IOPs and FTPs) can all be potential issues.

Our team of experts can provide you with up to date advice tailored to your situation. This includes resolving disputes via mediation.

We are happy to provide you with an initial analysis of your case, discuss your options and confirm our view on your prospects of success. We find this initial analysis to be particularly important in order that you are fully informed of the ‘bigger picture’ going forward and are not unduly wasting costs.

For information regarding a wide range of legal services for doctors and other healthcare professionals contact us on 01204 547 082. Alternatively you can email us on enquires@lexadeen.co.uk