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Expert legal advice for Doctors‎

We have a dedicated team of specialist GMC defence lawyers who offer expert legal advice for doctors and other health care professionals. We appreciate the severity of proceedings upon healthcare professionals. Our medical defence solicitors ensure all legal services are treated with the attention they deserve. Furthermore, we are committed to assisting healthcare professionals during understandably difficult times.

Whether you have received a GMC warning, are in the process of preliminary procedures which may lead to a disciplinary hearing, or require representation regarding FTP hearings and appeals and fitness to practise hearings, we can help.

What is a GMC warning

In the United Kingdom, a General Medical Council (GMC) warning is a formal notice given to a doctor by the GMC. Warnings are given to doctors if they have committed a serious breach of the medical code of conduct. A GMC warning can significantly affect a doctor’s career, as it may limit their ability to work in certain hospitals or practice medicine altogether.

Legal advice for doctors from expert Solicitors

Doctors should speak with a medical malpractice solicitor to obtain specific legal advice related to their situation. A medical law expert can review the facts of your case, explain the applicable law, and help you to understand your legal options. An expert medical solicitor will also tell you what type of compensation you may be entitled to receive.

Our team of experts can provide you with up-to-date advice tailored to your situation. Our Medical defence team will provide you with an initial analysis of your case and discuss your options. At the same time, confirm our view on your prospects of success. We find this initial investigation particularly important so that you remain fully informed of the bigger picture going forward and are not unduly wasting costs.

Should you require expert legal advice regarding healthcare law, ‎don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts on 01204 565 006.