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Commercial litigation

Commercial litigation, ManchesterEven the most successful, well run businesses face litigation and disputes from time to time. Any commercial litigation case can prove extremely costly and cause problems if not handled correctly.

We know how to strike a balance between strongly advocating a client`s position whilst strategically aiming for an early settlement of a dispute, we know the longer any business dispute continues, the more it costs.

As commercial and business litigation solicitors we have the experience and knowledge to ensure you obtain the best possible results.

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Expert legal advice for Doctors‎

Legal services for doctors, Manchester, Stoke-on-TrentWe have a dedicated team of specialist GMC defence lawyers who appreciate the severity of proceedings upon a healthcare professional and ensure all legal services are treated with the attention they deserve. We are committed to assisting healthcare professionals during understandably difficult times.

Whether you have received a GMC warning, are in the process of preliminary procedures which may lead to a disciplinary hearing, or require representation regarding FTP hearings and appeals and fitness to practise hearings we can help.

Our team of experts can provide you with up to date advice tailored to your situation, we are happy to provide you with an initial analysis of your case, discuss your options and confirm our view on your prospects of success. We find this initial analysis to be particularly important in order that you are fully informed of the ‘bigger picture’ going forward and are not unduly wasting costs.

Should you require any advice or assistance in respect of healthcare law ‎please contact our team of experts on 01204 524 775.

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Are you experiencing a period of change in your business?

Are you experiencing a period of change in your business? Have you reached a point where you feel you have no option other than to make employees redundant? Do you have the knowhow and all the necessary legal documentation in place?

Thankfully most employers do not find themselves in this situation very often as any uncertainty over job losses can be very distressing, not only for the employee, but the employer too. This does mean though that many employers have little or no experience in dealing with these matters. Managing redundancy requires sensitive handling to limit the distress felt.

Before making an employee redundant an employer must ensure that they have carried out a fair procedure, considered alternatives to redundancy, including alternative employment.

Why clients choose Lexadeen Solicitors

Our highly experienced employment lawyers are focused on delivering practical legal advice and results relevant to your case. We are known as knowledgeable, effective and trusted legal advisors who get the job done right.

We use communications and technology to keep in touch and to get the work done quickly and with minimal fuss and delay. If you need to see one of our lawyers they’ll visit you, either at your home or workplace, in fact anywhere that’s convenient to you.

We are focused on your your current legal issue and recommend proactive measures to help position you for future success.

To arrange a free, no-obligation initial consultation with regards to your legal matter please contact us today by completing the online form or contact our Stoke office on 01782 212903 or Bolton office on 01204 524775.

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Most businesses will face litigation and disputes at some stage.

commercial litigation manchesterAny commercial or business litigation case, whether involving breach of contract, employment law or a host of other types, will inherently create problems for a business and can prove extremely costly. Most businesses will face litigation and disputes at some stage, the outcome can be dictated by the way it is handled.

Lexadeen’s commercial and business litigation team provide an effective, efficient representation of a client’s position whilst avoiding prolonging the case unnecessarily as the longer any business dispute continues, the more it costs.

Our experienced team know how to achieve a desirable outcome, the key often involves devising a strategy, early assessment of tactics, clear advice on legal and evidential issues, together with ongoing assessment of strengths and weaknesses.

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Facing redundancy?

employment law solicitors, Manchester, Bolton, StokeRedundancy is one of the situations employees dread. To lose your job due to your employer deciding or requiring to reduce the number of employees, can arouse a number of emotions – anger, dread, despair, sadness etc.

It is important not to purely accept the decision and be swept along with the process without checking what benefits/rights you are entitled to.

As an employment law solicitor we have helped many employees during this unsettling time.

We take time to assess each individual case to ensure you benefit from the correct and fair procedure. There may be considered alternatives to redundancy for example including alternative employment.

Contact us as soon as you receive notification of the redundancy, the earlier in the proceedings the better. As an employment law solicitor we are ideally placed to advise you.

For more information please see here

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Are you facing a GMC investigation?

We offer expert legal advice for Doctors‎, if you are facing a GMC investigation and may be issued with a GMC warning, it is  imperative you seek advice from a specialist lawyer for Doctors. Our dedicated team of specialist GMC defence lawyers are committed to assisting you, as a healthcare professional, during understandably difficult times.

We appreciate the severity of proceedings upon healthcare professionals and ensure all legal services are treated with the attention they deserve.

The doctor/healthcare professional has 28 days to respond once the case examiner has written to them concluding a warning should be given. If you feel the allegations held against you are unfounded or you would like an oral hearing the case will be referred to the Investigation Committee to decide whether a warning should be issued.

Our expertise in this area is extensive, we have a wide range of experience in dealing with a number of different allegations.

These include issues which relate to:

  • The health, and safety and well-being of the public,
  • Public confidence in the profession,
  • Proper standards and conduct for doctors

Should you require any advice or assistance in respect of GMC warnings please contact our team of experts on 01204 524 775.

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Are you a Medical Doctor looking for a specialist Lawyer?

Legal services for doctors, Manchester, Stoke-on-TrentOur dedicated healthcare division is committed to providing legal services for doctors and other healthcare professionals.

We have a highly qualified experienced team who has the knowledge and expertise to deal with a wide range of issues which are widespread within the healthcare sector.

Some typical cases we have handled in the past include;

  • Unfair dismissal
  • Bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • Discrimination
  • Whistleblowing
  • GP and NHS contractual issues
  • Unlawful deduction from wages
  • Specialist GMC work relating to hearings and applications
  • Interim orders panel and fitness to practise hearings. (IOPs and FTPs)

Our Solicitors, Barristers and Medico-legal advisors share a common vision in assisting healthcare professionals with the purpose of delivering the best possible outcomes. We are happy to discuss your options and confirm our view on your prospects of success after an initial analysis of your case. This ensures you are fully informed of the ‘bigger picture’ going forward and are not unduly wasting costs.

Contact us today and talk to one of our expects 01204 524 775 .

‘Defending Doctors; we know your career matters’

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Ready for the year ahead?

panel1At the beginning of the New Year the standard full time employee faces approximately 325 working days or 2,600 working hours over the next year!*

For most of us that’s acceptable, the way we live our life, the way we pay our bills. However there are a number of people who dread going to work each day and the thought of having to endure even one more day, let alone 325 days seems unbearable.

Many are not aware of the options available to them. Many do not feel their concerns will be acknowledged let alone taken seriously.

Possible issues employees may face could include;

We listen to our clients and use this insight and our legal experience to deliver the best possible results. We have an open, friendly and responsive approach ensuring that your needs are paramount. Our procedures, communication and response systems have been developed to ensure that we are able to offer our clients constructive advice and innovative solutions.

Get in touch with our experts immediately if you think you have been subjected to any of the above. We will ensure that your details are kept confidential and are committed to supporting you throughout the process.

*Figures based on a standard full-time employee working week, i.e. Monday-Friday, 40 hours a week with 6 weeks holiday .

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Have a grievance at work?

sliderimgSome people may begin to wind down at work during the month of December with the onset of January and a fresh start imminent. However there are many working days left and if you are experiencing issues at work do not wait until the New Year to get in touch.

As employment law specialists we see time and time again clients experiencing weeks, months and sometimes years of work related issues.

We cannot stress enough the importance of acting now. There are time constraints on certain claims.

As highly experienced employment solicitors we have one goal in mind – to deliver exceptional, affordable legal services for individuals and organisations in their personal, employment and business affairs.

Our team of employment solicitors represent clients across a range of areas from personal injury work to credit hire law; Commercial and civil litigation; from employment to medical law disputes; and from clinical negligence to immigration law.

We take pride in our honesty, integrity, hard work and our ability to find solutions to in all type of cases. We always aim to surpass our client’s expectations.

If you would like to speak to one of our highly experienced employment solicitors please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our reputation is built upon our commitment and ability to deliver to our client’s expectations.

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Are you a victim of racial discrimination?

Racial discrimination in the workplace is a growing issue. The term race can refer to colour, nationality ethnic or national origins under the Equality Act 2010.

We have been instructed by an employee from an accountancy firm who believes her employer has discriminated against her with regards to her race; the employee, who is from the Middle – East alleges that her colleagues made fun of her accent and regularly mock her in the office.

The law is designed to protect employees and workers of any race during all aspects of employment.

If you feel you have suffered racial discrimination within the workplace, and are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable employment lawyer to represent you, contact us today.

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