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Employment law solicitor – Redundancy

Redundancy is the term given to describe the situation in which an employer decides or is required to reduce the number of its employees.

Redundancies occur due to a job no longer existing therefore there is no longer a position for the employee. As an employment law solicitor we have helped many employees during this unsettling time.

Genuine examples of redundancy include:

  • New technology makes a job unnecessary
  • An employer needs to cut costs and reduce the number of staff
  • The employer needs to close the business.

Before making an employee redundant an employer must ensure that they have carried out a fair procedure, considered alternatives to redundancy, including alternative employment.

If you’re facing redundancy, you might be eligible for certain rights, as an employment law solicitor we are ideally place to advise.

These may include:

Employment law solicitor Manchester, Stoke, Staffordshire, Bolton, Lancashire

  • Redundancy pay
  • A notice period payment
  • Consultation
  • The option to move into a different job
  • Time off to find a new job

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In the event you feel that your redundancy is unfair and/or you have been denied your rights let our experts assist you in making a claim in the Employment Tribunal.
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