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Employment lawyer – Discrimination in the workplace

Discrimination is the term relating to the prejudicial and/or distinguishing treatment of an individual based on their actual or perceived membership in a certain group or category, such as their race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ethnicity, religion, disability, age. As an employment lawyer we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure the best outcome for those who have suffered from discrimination in the workplace.

Under the Equality Act 2010, employees have protection against discrimination in the workplace because of: 

 Employment lawyer solicitors with offices in Stoke, Staffordshire and Bolton, Lancashire

  • Race
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Disability
  • Gender Reassignment
  • Marriage or Civil partnership (in employment only)
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Religion or Belief
  • Sexual Orientation

People who belong to these groups have what are called protected characteristics.

The Equality Act also protects you if people in your life, such as family members, friends or co-workers have a protected characteristic and you are treated less favourably because of that. It should also be remembered there is no minimum service requirement of 2 years to bring a claim via an employment lawyer based on discrimination in the workplace.

If you win a discrimination claim, an employment tribunal can award you compensation for injury to feelings as well as for your financial losses. This means you receive compensation for the upset, hurt and distress the discrimination has caused you. This can be as much as £30,000.

In the event you feel that you have been discriminated against, you can be assured at Lexadeen you have an employment lawyer who can assist you in making a claim in the Employment Tribunal.
Employment lawyer solicitors with offices in Stoke, Staffordshire and Bolton, Lancashire