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Settlement Agreements

Employment lawyers – Settlement agreements

As highly experienced employment lawyers we regularly negotiate and advise on settlement agreements which used to be known as compromise agreements.

The need for settlement agreements can arise when an employee and an employer are in disagreement with each other or there are issues surrounding the employment. In this situation the employer may approach the employee with a settlement agreement in an attempt to manoeuvre them out of the company but at the same time avoid any legal action. This agreement is in effect a legally binding contract between you and your employer. The contract must therefore comply with the relevant sections of employment legislation otherwise it will be unenforceable. It is wise to appoint an employment lawyer to oversee the process.

We will, at first point of contact, explain to you the full meaning of the contract to ensure you understand the consequences of signing the document. Once we have provided you with legal advice you then have the option to accept the agreement as it is or ask the employer for any amendments to the agreement. Once the full terms are agreed we will then sign the contract to certify that you were given legal advice by employment lawyers at Lexadeen Solicitors and in turn you sign and return the contract to your employer.

Some of the settlement agreements on which we are appointed to advise on are very straightforward, other agreements are more complicated and may involve a number of issues.

These include:Employment lawyers Manchester Settlement agreements, Stoke, Staffordshire, Bolton, Lancashire

  • Restrictive covenants
  • Tax indemnities,
  • Confidentiality issues
  • The offer of a reference.

As employment lawyers, we ensure the agreement is drafted correctly after analysing the terms of the agreement and its compliance with the UK legislation.

We have the experience to advise you in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

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