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Supermarket workers move a step closer to winning equal pay claim battle

Last week, published on the BBC website, was the news of the potentially ground-breaking equal pay claim case between a major supermarket and some of its employees. The initial tribunal has seen workers in the well-known Supermarket winning the first step in their battle for equal pay.

More than 9,500 women, who mainly work at the check-outs or stacking shelves at Asda, have been told during an employment tribunal they can compare themselves to higher-paid men who work at warehouses. The current pay difference is between £1 and £3 an hour, the lawyers making a claim have said.

The women feel they are paid less, despite their roles being of equal value to the men; Asda is “strongly disputing the claims”.

If this claim by the workers is successful, as well as receiving more than £100m in back-dated pay (to 2002), it could have far-reaching implications. Other retail workers in a similar situation would also be able to pursue similar claims.

One of many steps, this is the first step in the process. Claimants now await a further tribunal to consider whether the jobs are of equal value.

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Equal Pay Act 2010

Equal Pay Act 2010 (UK) is a piece of UK legislation that allows male and female employees to receive equal pay.

The Equal Pay Act gives employees the right to have claims for equal pay decided by an Employment Tribunal. It also deems it unlawful for employers to discriminate against employees based on sex concerning pay and other contractual terms and conditions. The Act applies to all employers in the UK, regardless of size.

How to claim equal pay

If you are a woman seeking equal pay for equal work, or if you are a man seeking to challenge your employer’s pay practices, it is important to know your legal rights before making an equal pay claim.

Our employment law solicitors are professionals who specialise in helping individuals file wage discrimination or equal pay claims.

We have the expertise and knowledge to assist employees to prove that they are paid less than their counterparts based on their sex, race, or other protected characteristic.

If you have been the victim of wage discrimination, talk to an employment law solicitor to see if we can help you take your case to court.