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Work-related stress can be heightened at this time of year

The Christmas festival is one of the 43 stressful life events featured on The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale. The Holes and Rahe scale is a well-known tool for monitoring stress levels. Work-related stress or work-related events such as being fired at work, retirement, business readjustment, change in financial state, change to a different line of work, together with the responsibility of a large mortgage or loan, all appear in the top 20.

The more events, the higher the score, the higher the score, and the more likely the patient was to suffer from stress which would contribute to becoming ill.

Work-related stress can lead to several problems. Some of these issues, which you find below, and if not addressed and managed, can lead to stress, which can have many negative consequences.

We don’t need confirmation of redundancy or work-related issues, especially at this time of year, which is extremely stressful. Here at Lexadeen Solicitors, we are specialists in employment law and understand that experiencing these major life events can be stressful and upsetting. Suppose you feel you have been unfairly treated and are considering making a claim. In that case, we pride ourselves in doing everything we can to keep you fully informed, alleviating stress and delivering the best possible results at this difficult time.


Bullying and Harassment Causing Work-Related Stress

What leads to work-related stress

The HSE has identified six areas of concern which can lead to work-related stress. These areas are demands, control, support, relationships, role and change. Each of these areas can lead to work-related stress in different ways, and if not managed properly, they can become overwhelming.

For example, workers may say that they:

  • are not able to cope with the demands of their jobs
  • when they are unable to control the way they do their work
  • don’t receive enough information and support
  • are having trouble with relationships at work, or are being bullied and harassed at work
  • don’t fully understand their role and responsibilities
  • are not engaged when a business is undergoing change


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Many factors at work may lead to work-related stress that you have no control over. However, if the employer’s conduct is leading to your work-related stress, then we can help. For example, is sexual harassment or racial discrimination aiding your work-related stress? Get in touch with one of our highly experienced employment solicitors today. For 20 years, we have been helping employees battle all types of employment issues. So please do not suffer in silence; contact us today.

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