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Credit hire



If you have a credit hire or taxi hire business it pays to use a specialist car hire solicitor. At Lexadeen Solicitors, we know that the success of your business depends on getting car hire charges paid as soon as possible. 

Our credit hire department consists of over 30 years experience and expertise that you need to maximise recovery of your car hire charges.

Whilst your customers are hiring we will keep in close touch with you and notify you immediately of any issues which might affect the recoverability of the car hire charges.  We know the arguments insurance companies put forward to delay or avoid settling car hire claims and we know how to deal with them.  We deal with claims in a pro-active way.  We will make a claim at Court promptly where appropriate.  We have extensive experience of making claims at Court both in the County Courts and in the higher Courts.

Taxi hire is a highly specialised area which requires the expertise of a taxi hire solicitor.  Lexadeen Solicitors are used by a number of taxi fleet owners because of our excellent track record in recovering taxi hire charges.

If required, we can review your documents and procedures to ensure that you are not vulnerable to attack by insurers on the basis of defective procedures, documents, terms, rates or periods of hire.

If your car hire or taxi hire business would benefit from the use of a specialist credit hire solicitor, please contact Lexadeen Solicitors to discuss how we can help your business.