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GMC Warnings

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GMC Warnings – Expert legal advice for Doctors‎

GMC warnings are issued in order to protect the public,  including patients, to maintain confidence in the profession and to encourage and uphold correct standards of conduct and behaviour.

GMC warnings are issued to demonstrate the level of practice or behaviour which had been conducted which resulted in the warning is not acceptable and any repetition of the particular conduct, practice or behaviour will involve further action.

A doctor is not prevented from holding a licence to practise after having been issued with a GMC warning, nor does it place any restrictions on their registration. However if a doctor has been issued with a GMC warning, their reputation and career progression can be seriously damaged.

Our dedicated team of specialist GMC defence lawyers appreciate the severity of proceedings upon healthcare professionals and ensure all legal services are treated with the attention they deserve are committed to assisting healthcare professionals during understandably difficult times.

Following an investigation case examiners can:

  • Conclude the case with no further action
  • Issue a warning
  • Agree undertakings – for example to re-train or work under supervision
  • Refer the case to a fitness to practise (FTP) panel of the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS).

GMC Warnings

The GMC publish on the online register and disclose warnings to all enquirers for five years. Doctors obviously find this problematic and stressful given it’s potential impact on their career aspirations.

The case examiners may issue a warning if a doctor’s behaviour or performance shows a significant departure from the principles set out in our guidance for doctors – Good medical practice – but a restriction on the doctor’s registration is not necessary. In the event a case examiner concludes that the doctor should be given a warning a doctor has 28 days to respond.

In the event both case examiners decide that a warning is appropriate – and the doctor has not disputed the facts alleged or asked for an oral hearing before the Investigation Committee – we will issue the warning.

In the event case managers disagree and/or the doctor disputes the facts alleged the case will be referred to the Investigation Committee, which has the same options for disposing of the case as the case examiners.

Should you require any advice or assistance in respect of GMC warnings please contact our team of experts on 01204 565 006.