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The United Kingdom has always been and will be a popular choice for study by international students. According to Universities UK, in 2020-21, 605,130 international students were studying in the UK. One hundred fifty-two thousand nine hundred five were from the EU, and 452,225 were non-EU. In order for Internation students to study in the United Kingdom, they will need a Student visa, also known as a Tier 4 visa.

Student Visa Checklist

Student (Tier 4) visas are granted on a points-based system, which is determined by the following prerequisites:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Recent photograph
  • Unconditional offer from an academic institute that is licensed to off Tier 4 sponsorship
  • Evidence of language fluency in English (typically an IELTS or CELT exam)
  • Evidence that you are financially solvent for the duration of your education
  • In certain cases, you may also need an ATAS certificate
  • If you’re under 18, then you will need a letter from your parent/guardian that grants your permission to live and travel independently

Funding Evidence

To prove that you have the required funds for your stay in the United Kingdom, you will need to provide supporting evidence that you can pay the full course fees plus an additional minimum amount of £1,015 (if based outside London) or £1,265 (if based in London) per month.

Said funds will need to be in a bank account under either the student’s name or their parents’/legal guardians’ names. The amount must be in cash and cannot fall below the minimum amount required for 28 consecutive days. It is also required that the closing balance of your latest bank statement must be within 31 days prior to the application date.

In some situations, applicants are also asked to provide additional evidence, ranging from valid and accredited qualifications, any interviews that have taken place and specific vaccinations.

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Types of Student (Tier 4) visas

There are five types of student visas and the one to apply for depends on your unique circumstances. The types of visas are as follows: 

  • General Student: You must be 16 years old or older to apply for this visa. This visa is for courses that last longer than six months. If your course is post-graduate level (or above) and has the financial capacity, you can also bring a dependent with you under this visa for the course duration.
  • Visiting Student: You have to be 18 years old for this visa. This type of visa is typically for shorter courses. You are not permitted to work on this visa; therefore, you have to ensure that you have the financing for the duration of this course.
  • Prospective Student: You may have to attend an interview during some course applications. For situations like these, you can apply for a Prospective Student visa that allows you to stay in the country for a short period to complete the process.
  • Child Student: This visa is for children between 4 and 17 who are being sent to the United Kingdom for education and will require this visa. If the students are between 4 and 15, they can only apply for this visa if they attend an independent, fee-paying school.
  • Visiting Child Student: You can apply for this visa if you are under 18 and are planning to study on a course running for six months or less in the United Kingdom.


When can I apply for a Student visa

You need to start your visa application 90 days before the start of your course. Typically, the application takes around 15 days to complete but it is best to start the application as recommended as the process can take longer during peak periods.

Changing or extending your student visa

If your circumstances change, you may need to apply for an extension or a different type of student visa.

For visa extensions, the requisites are the same as those for your initial student visa. However, if you wish to change the type of Student visa, then the process is different. You must apply within 3-6 months of being accepted to the new academic course.

If you have completed your studies and are looking to work in the United Kingdom, it is possible to change to a General (Tier 2) visa, which permits you to reside and work in the United Kingdom for five years. However, changing to this type of visa can be a complex process due to stringent regulations, and therefore you should seek legal advice if you are unsure.

Working in the UK on a Student Visa

Under the Student visa, you can work for 20 hours a week during the academic term and no restrictions when the course is not in session. With the Student visa, you are also permitted to attend work placements that are required for your course.

If you are here to study for Further Education, you can only work 10 hours a week during the academic term, but there are no restrictions otherwise.

Student Visa Legal Assistance

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