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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance, Stoke on Trent, Bolton, Manchester

Specialists in regulatory compliance for legal and medical professionals

We aim to offer proactive compliance advice and assistance to legal and medical professionals and others, before the proverbial hits the fan – and when it does, can be relied upon to robustly fight your corner:

  • SRA/IPS/BSB Applications for Authorisation as a recognised practitioner, Legal Services Body, or Licensed Body (ABS) including change of status
  • SRA COLP/COFA authorisations and procedures.
  • MOJ Applications for authorisation to provide regulated claims management services.
  • LEXCELv6 Practice Management Standards.
  • LEXCELv5 International Practice Management Standards
  • Compliance and audit management, category extensions and new accreditations under the Legal Aid Agency’s SQM etc.
  • CAPR 2014 compliance for regulated claims management companies.
  • Drafting and management of client retainers/information.
  • Drafting of source/ marketing agreements.
  • Drafting of provider agreements for medical reference agencies, claims management companies and insurers.
  • Drafting of Practice Manuals and case management procedures.
  • Regulatory compliance and risk management procedures in accordance with SRA Handbook, Solicitors Accounts Rules and related Guidance and LSEW Practice Notes, general legislative requirements and common law.
  • Comprehensive risk management audits and reports.
  • Complaints Procedures, Management & Investigation.
  • Legal Ombudsman Service references.
  • Disputes with insurers and sub-contractors.
  • Guidance and submissions in respect of professional indemnity insurance matters and professional negligence claims (including Accountants).
  • Guidance and submissions in respect of references to the SRA on inadequate professional service/breach of the Code of Conduct, and proceedings against practitioners and firms.
  • IPS/SRA conduct references against non-solicitors.
  • CMR/OFCOM/ICO references and investigations against claims management companies.

Accountancy, corporate compliance and taxation advice is offered by, and through, our associates, AMS in Manchester.

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