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Disciplinary Hearings

Offering guidance and support during disciplinary hearings

We are highly experienced with regard to advising and representing doctors in both Trust disciplinary and GMC matters. Disciplinary hearings can be stressful experiences and in order to alleviate the stress and achieve a fair outcome it pays to be well prepared.

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It is essential that your interests are protected throughout the process. We will guide you through the process and where necessary, prepare written representations which can be utilised at the disciplinary hearing. If the allegations are so serious that you may be dismissed, you are entitled legal representation and we can therefore appear at the hearing on your behalf. Our dedicated employment law team is experienced and skilled in this area so doctors can be assured that they are in good hands.

Reasons for a Disciplinary Hearing

You can find yourself subject to a disciplinary process for a number of reasons. For example patients who are seeking redress often results in immediate exclusion, without any prior warning or discussion. A lengthy period of exclusion from daily work may generally follow waiting for the inquiry/disciplinary process to run its course. A doctor found guilty by disciplinary process can not only lose their employment with the current employer, but is also likely to be prevented from practicing their profession in future by the GMC

Our dedicated team of specialist GMC defence solicitors appreciate the severity of proceedings upon healthcare professionals and ensure all legal services are treated with the attention they deserve. Our medical defence lawyers are committed to assisting healthcare professionals during understandably difficult times.


Lexadeen Solicitors - Manchester - Cheshire- Staffordshire

Disciplinary hearings in the medical field can result in a number of different outcomes, depending on the severity of the infraction. Some scenarios may result in a suspension, while others may result in expulsion from the profession.

Disciplinary hearings impose a heavy emotional and financial toll on the parties involved. They can also have a lasting impact on a person’s professional life unless you have expert legal representation.

Medical Disciplinary Hearings Solicitors

Lexadeen Solicitors are an independent medical solicitors specialising in disciplinary hearings for Doctors and healthcare professionals. Not only do we provide legal representation for GMC disciplinary issues but private practice and other regulatory bodies also.
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