Sexual harassment at work

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Have you suffered from sexual harassment at work? Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination under the Equality Act 2010. The term sexual harassment refers to the situation when someone behaves in a way which makes you feel distressed, intimidated or offended and the behaviour is of a sexual nature.

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Our experts can help you understand the law and set out your options in clear terms. They regularly represent claimants who have suffered from sexual harassment and understand the difficulties an affected employee can face. As experts in employment law they can assist you in dealings with your employer; negotiate the resolution of issues or, if necessary, submit your claim to an Employment Tribunal.

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Please note that this information is provided for general knowledge only and therefore specific advice should be sought for individual cases.

If you’ve experienced sexual harassment at work you may be able to do something about it. You don’t need to have previously objected to something for it to be unwanted.

It is clearly not acceptable and can have a huge impact, not just on your ability to do your job, but also on your private and personal life and self esteem.

At Lexadeen, we believe that we can act quickly and decisively to help prevent you from further distress and suffering. Our friendly and hard working solicitors have over 20 year’s experience in dealing with sexual harassment cases and are here to help.

Sexual harassment at work can include:

  • Sexual comments or jokes
  • Physical behaviour, including unwelcome sexual advances, touching etc
  • Displaying pictures, photos or drawings of a sexual nature
  • sending emails with a sexual content.

The law says it’s only sexual harassment where the behaviour is meant to or has the effect of either:

  • Violating your dignity, or
  • Creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.

If you’re treated badly or less favourably because of your reaction to sexual harassment, you may have a claim under the Equality Act. The Act says this is also harassment. The law against sexual harassment protects you from your employer, colleagues and from third parties such as clients or customers. Sexual harassment could be a one-off incident or a series of events, and it could be deliberate, or unintended.

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Employment tribunals treat sexual harassment at work cases very seriously and awards in such cases can be very high.

Under the Equality Act for sexual harassment, there is no minimum period of employment necessary for you to be eligible to make a claim, but there are strict rules on when such a claim needs to be submitted by.

Where possible you should in the first instance raise a formal grievance with your employer to see whether the issue can be resolved internally. However, in some cases this is problematic and difficult (especially if you are being harassed by a senior employee/director or HR staff) and it is therefore important that you seek expert advice as soon as possible.

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