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Interim Orders Panel

GMC interim orders panel hearings – Offering guidance and support

At Lexadeen Solicitors, we have represented a countless number of doctors in respect of both interim orders panels (IOP) and IOP review hearings. Our expert team made up of Solicitors, Barristers and medico-legal advisers have also been successful in challenging the conditions placed upon a doctor’s registration.

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From the outset, we seek to advise doctors on the most likely outcome of the interim orders panel hearing and the level of costs involved.

What is an interim orders panel hearing?

An interim orders panel hearing convenes to consider whether a doctor’s registration should be restricted while allegations about their conduct get resolved.

You should be aware that the IOP has the power to suspend your registration or impose conditions upon your registration for up to 18 months. Furthermore, interim order panel review hearings are convened at six months to review the order.

When considering whether to refer a case to an IOP, GMC Case Examiners, the GMC Investigation Committee or a fitness to practice panel, as appropriate, should take account of the following factors (as per GMC guidance):

  • The seriousness of the risk to public members if the practitioner continued to hold unrestricted registration. In assessing this risk, the Interim orders panel will consider the seriousness of the allegations, and the weight of the evidence, including evidence about the likelihood of further offences occurring whilst the allegations, get resolved.
  • If the practitioner continues to hold unrestricted registration whilst the allegations are unresolved will seriously damage public confidence in the medical profession.
  • For example, whether it is in the doctor’s interests to hold unrestricted registration, the doctor may lack insight and need protection from themselves.

The following factors may also be relevant:

  • Whether the medical practitioner has complied with any undertakings or conditions previously imposed concerning this matter.
  • The practitioner’s history with the GMC (if any).

Cases that get referred to an Interim Orders Panel

Where referral to an IOP is appropriate, it will be irrelevant whether or not the doctor has a licence to practice.

The types of cases that get referred to an IOP include:

  • Clinical issues
  • Non-clinical issues include indecent assault, health problems or criminal investigations. The point at which doctors who are the subject of criminal investigations should get referred to an IOP is flexible and will depend on all the circumstances of the case.
  • Breach of conditions ad/or undertakings

It is important to remember that the conclusion of each case, determined by its facts, may well have conditions (restrictions) imposed or no Order imposed where they attend and make submissions. Therefore, submit current evidence of their suitability to continue to practise medicine while the GMC investigation continues.

GMC Defence Solicitors

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