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Facing redundancy?

When you are facing redundancy, it is one of the situations employees dread. To lose your job due to your employer deciding or requiring to reduce the number of employees can arouse several emotions – anger, dread, despair and sadness.

The fact is that redundancy is endemic in the modern workplace. Moreover, many people regularly face redundancy, whether it is due to technological advances or simply how the economy works. 

What is employment redundancy?

In a nutshell, redundancy is a way of reducing the number of employees in a workforce. Redundancy can be voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary redundancy is when employees leave their position, usually for reasons such as wanting a change of scenery or taking time off. On the other hand, involuntary redundancy can occur when the company can’t find enough people to do the job or when there are too many people for the same job. The company has to let some go.

Many employers deem the redundancy process necessary to make organisational changes. For example, to reduce the number of employees to maintain or improve organisational efficiency while cutting costs.

I’m being made redundant; what now?

You can do several things to prepare yourself, for redundancy and ensure that you are in the best possible position. Employment solicitors can help you understand your rights, negotiate a settlement, and protect your rights.

It is important not to accept the decision and are swept along with the process without checking what benefits and rights you are entitled to.

Lexadeen Employment Solicitors 

As an employment law solicitor, we have helped many employees who are facing redundancy during these unsettling times.

We take time to assess every individual’s case to ensure you benefit from the correct and fair procedure. There may be considered alternatives to redundancy, for example, alternative employment.

In the UK, a legal redundancy regime is different from the rest of the world. Meaning that if you are made redundant, you are only entitled to receive your statutory redundancy pay. Any additional pay or benefits you were entitled to under your contract are invalid.

Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as you notify us of the redundancy. The earlier in the proceedings you tell us, the better. As employment law solicitors, we are in a perfect position to advise you.

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