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In today’s globalised world, businesses often seek to hire international talent to drive innovation and growth.

 We at Lexadeen Solicitors offer you a pathway for this through the Sponsorship Licence. Whether you’re an established enterprise or a startup, understanding the ins and outs of the Sponsorship Licence is crucial for hiring overseas workers. 

Let our sponsorship licence solicitors guide you through the process, requirements, and frequently asked questions, providing the knowledge to navigate this critical aspect of international talent acquisition.

What is a Sponsorship Licence

The Sponsorship Licence, previously known as a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence, is a gateway for UK employers to hire skilled overseas workers. It’s a vital tool for businesses looking to bridge the skills gap and bring in talented individuals worldwide.Key Points to Remember:
  • The Sponsorship Licence allows UK businesses to employ skilled individuals outside the United Kingdom.
  • It’s an essential prerequisite for sponsoring overseas workers.

Why obtain a Sponsorship Licence

A Sponsorship Licence empowers UK businesses to hire international talent when there’s a shortage of suitable candidates. A Sponsorship Licence helps maintain the competitiveness of the UK job market on a global scale.

Points to Consider:

  • International hires can bring diverse perspectives and skill sets, fostering innovation within your organisation.
  • The Sponsorship Licence showcases your commitment to attracting top-tier global talent and enhancing your company’s reputation.

The Sponsorship Application Process.

If you are thinking of employing skilled workers from abroad but need the assistance of a sponsorship licence solicitor, we can help. The sponsorship licence solicitors at Lexadeen Solicitors are extremely thorough in the application process. Our sponsorship licence application process includes:

1. Eligibility Check

Before applying, we ensure your business is eligible for a Sponsorship Licence. The sponsorship licence eligibility check includes demonstrating a genuine need for skilled workers and maintaining proper HR and record-keeping practices.

2. Gather Documentation

Our sponsorship licence solicitors can aid in preparing the required documentation, such as financial statements, business plans, and evidence of your HR and recruitment systems. 

3. Online Application

Once we are satisfied with the accurate and complete documentation, we will submit the online application form via the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) website. 

4. Pay Fees

Your appointed solicitor will instruct you to pay the applicable fees for the Sponsorship Licence application. The application fee varies based on your organisation’s size and type.

5. Compliance Visit

UKVI may conduct a compliance visit to your business premises to assess your readiness to sponsor overseas workers. Your sponsorship licence solicitor will be able to guide you, ensuring you are compliant when applying for a sponsorship licence application.

6. Decision

Once your application is processed, you’ll receive a decision. If approved, you’ll receive a Sponsorship Licence rating that determines how many Certificates of Sponsorship you can assign. If, for some reason, your application gets rejected, our immigration solicitors will assess your application for an appeal.

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What are the Sponsorship Licence Requirements

Genuine Vacancy
You must demonstrate that the job role you’re hiring for is genuine and necessary for your business.

Suitability Checks
Your organisation and the key personnel involved in the sponsorship process will undergo suitability checks.

HR Systems
Maintain robust HR systems to track sponsored employees’ attendance, performance, and contact details.

Record Keeping
Keep thorough records of your sponsored employees, including contact details, immigration status, and duties.

Reporting Duties
You must report any changes or breaches of sponsorship duties to UKVI.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sponsorship Licence

Yes, UK businesses of all sizes can apply for a Sponsorship Licence, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

No, there’s no fixed quota for Sponsorship Licences. The allocation of Certificates of Sponsorship depends on your organisation’s rating.

A Sponsorship Licence is typically valid for four years. You can apply for a renewal before the expiry date.

Yes, under certain circumstances, you can transfer sponsorship to another licensed employer. Transferring sponsorship of an employee involves moving their sponsorship from one licensed employer (the current sponsor) to another (the new sponsor). This process can provide flexibility and opportunities for both employees and businesses.

Key Points to Remember:

  • The process allows a smooth transition for overseas workers to continue employment in the UK under a new sponsor.
  • Transfers can occur within the same company group or between different organisations.

Adhering to sponsorship duties is paramount for employers holding a UK Sponsorship Licence. Failure to fulfil these responsibilities can lead to significant consequences. Breaching sponsorship duties will result in forfeitures, downgrading, or even a revocation of your Sponsorship Licence.

Yes, sponsored employees can bring their dependents to the UK, subject to specific criteria. Dependents typically include spouses, civil partners, and children under 18. Other family members, such as elderly parents, might also be considered dependents, subject to specific circumstances and evidence of dependency.

Sponsored employees can bring their dependents to the UK. To be eligible to bring dependents, the following conditions generally apply:

  1. Relationship Proof: The sponsored worker must provide evidence of their relationship with the dependent. Proof of relationship could include marriage certificates, civil partnership certificates, or birth certificates.
  2. Financial Requirement: The sponsor (the employer) must ensure that the sponsored employee meets the financial requirement to support their dependents without relying on public funds.
  3. Accommodation: The sponsor must ensure that suitable accommodation is available for the sponsored employee and their dependents.
  4. Additional Healthcare Surcharge: The sponsored employee and their dependents may need to pay the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge, which provides access to the National Health Service (NHS) during their stay in the UK.

Dependent Visas for Children

Children under 18 can apply for a dependent visa to join their parents in the UK. The sponsored employee or partner must financially support and care for them.

Dependent Visas for Spouses and Civil Partners

Spouses and civil partners of sponsored employees can apply for dependent visas to live and work in the UK. These visas typically grant them the freedom to seek employment, which can be especially important for families seeking stability and financial security.

Other Family Members as Dependents

In exceptional cases, other family members, such as elderly parents or siblings, might be considered dependents if they demonstrate a significant dependency level on the sponsored employee.

Dependent Visa Application Process

The application process for dependent visas involves submitting relevant documentation, including proof of relationship, financial capacity, and accommodation arrangements. Applicants must also pay the applicable visa fees.

Facing a refusal of your Sponsorship Licence application can be disheartening, but it’s not the end of the road. The UK immigration system allows for appeals, allowing you to rectify issues and present a stronger case.

Suppose your sponsorship licence application gets refused or rejected. In that case, our immigration lawyers can help you make sense of the refusal letter while compiling all the necessary documents and preparing your appeal bundle.

The appeal bundle should include a detailed explanation addressing each issue in the refusal letter.

Having previous immigration issues doesn’t automatically disqualify you from applying for a Sponsorship Licence.

By addressing these issues transparently, demonstrating compliance, and seeking professional advice from our immigration experts, you can navigate the application process and increase your chances of obtaining a Sponsorship Licence to bring skilled overseas workers to the UK.

Suppose you’re considering hiring a skilled tandoori chef from Bangladesh to bring an authentic taste of tandoori cuisine to your restaurant. In that case, you will need to apply for a Sponsorship Licence. Before you do consider applying for a licence, there are several factors you must consider beforehand.

Factor 1: Shortage Occupation List

If the tandoori chef role is on the shortage occupation list, it might be exempt from the Resident Labour Market Test, simplifying the hiring process.

Factor 2: Skill Shortage

A Sponsorship Licence might be necessary to fill the gap if there is a domestic shortage of skilled tandoori chefs.

Factor 3: Long-Term Hiring

If you’re looking to hire a tandoori chef for the long term and there are limited domestic candidates, a Sponsorship Licence could be advantageous.

If you are considering hiring a skilled worker, such as a tandoori chef from Bangladesh, we can help with the whole process.

How to apply for a Sponsor Licence Application

At Lexadeen Solicitors, we have streamlined the process and made it easy for employers to apply for a sponsor Licence Application. Years of experience assisting employees in applying for a skilled worker visa and employers with sponsorship licence applications have made us the best solicitors for sponsorship licence applications.

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